Thursday, 6 September 2012

Remington - Pearl Pro Styler

Over the years I have used a number of different tools to try and make my hair wavy, but have never been fully satisfied. I got the Remington Pearl Pro Styler from Boots about a month ago as it was on sale for only £15 down from £30.

My hair is quite thin, so I have always liked curling or making my hair wavy as it makes it look so much thicker. The product looks rather scary but its quite easy. It comes with a glove, which you definitely need so that you don’t burn yourself, though you still have to be careful as you can get burnt through the glove. To use it you weave your hair through the barrels in the shape of an eight (I tried to take a picture of this but it was too hard to do by myself). At first the waves are quite defined rather than soft, but running your fingers through your hair a few times sorts it out. I tested the product without hairspray first to see how long the waves would hold for as I find any kind of curl or wave drops out of my hair very quickly, but after about 4 hours the waves were still there, softer, but they still looked good.

Although I’m not too sure about the glove as I have still got burnt through it I don’t have any other problems with the product. I use it every time I go on a night out and am always happy with the results. It can be a bit fiddly at first until you get used to how to weave your hair but it’s easy enough. I read one review where someone found it easier not to use a mirror as it confused them, but I found it just fine. There are some good videos on YouTube on how to use the product as well.

As I am a very poor student I am always wary when it comes to buying new products that may not work well for me, but this was definitely £15 well spent.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Retail Therapy Wish List

All From

Clockwise from top left

11. Leah Shiny Disco Pants – I am in love with these! I have wanted a pair of disco pants for a while. At only £18.99 I thought these were pretty cheap! My only problem is I have never been very daring and wearing these might make me feel a bit out of place. But every time I look at them I like them more and more and one day (when I have money) I will definitely buy them and get daring. I would love to pair them with my whiteTopShop sleeveless shirt on a night out or maybe even in the day!

22. Willet Oversized Peace Symbol Vest – I am a complete sucker for anything oversized and the peace sign has made many appearances in the shops lately and has found its way into my hearts desires. This top is a bit expensive for my budget but I’m positive that there will be many cheaper alternatives in many other shops.

33. Kerrie Studded Collar Vest Blouse – Once again my love for shirts has reared its ugly head. The problem is I love my shirts buttoned up to the top, but having large boobs means it drapes over them and makes me look chubby. I will have to try wearing my shirts slightly open because I’m not hopeful that my addiction will go away. I love the studs on this! My wardrobe is way too soft at the minute and needs more studs!!

  4. Mikea Melange Batwing Jumper – I have a top very similar to this in Burgundy, but the thought of my ‘go to’ casual top in the form of a jumper is heaven.

55. Darine Monochrome Striped Leggings – Now it’s not these particular leggings that I want but this vertical stripe has caught my eye over the past few months, some days I love it and want it and other days I’m not too sure. I would have no idea whether to get vertically striped leggings or trousers....either way I seem to like them enough to put them on my wish list.

66.  Lidea Heeled Chelsea Boots – Yum yum yum!!! I have wanted some Chelsea boots for a while but never thought about getting some with a heel. As soon as I saw these I fell inlove. Although looking at my budget I may have to stop being lazy and sift through ebay and find a nice cheap pair...or just go without (asif!)

77. Kerby Chain And Spiked Necklace – Back to adding some edge to my wardrobe. I have seen similar necklaces to this appearing on a lot of other blogs and I have decided I definitely need more jewellery and this is the jewellery I need.

I LOST MY CAMERA!!!! For once it has not just been my schedule that has made me a bad blogger. The other week I lost my camera which held loads of pictures for two separate outfit posts (*sob*) Luckily I have lovely family and have leant a camera. Until now I was too depressed about losing my beloved camera to blog about anything. But I am back!!! I have never done a wish list before but I found it was a good excuse to look at pretty things I cannot afford!!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Update #3

(From right to left)
1+2. My cold is still raging through my body in the form of a gross cough, So this week yucky medicine and plenty of vitamin C is what has been needed to get me back to full strength.
3+6. Thursday was my nephews 9th Birthday so we celebrated with a mini party at my sisters house. I would also like to add that at the age of 20 I would still LOVE a Spongebob cake...even though I hate the icing.
4. I definitely should have taken this picture before i mixed the chilli with the rice because the picture looks gross ha ha. but It was lovely chilli anyway! coming home to mummy dearest's cooking is the best.
5. The usual picture of harry the dog.
7. The usual picture of Mr.Muffins
8. Another mummy's cooking treat. Spaghetti Bolognese (my favourite). Though we ran out of spaghetti so had to use tagliatelle.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Collection 2000 Cream Puff

I bought this lip cream ages ago from Collection2000 originally the appeal was the price. I'm always looking for lipsticks but I'm really fussy. I normally go for nude colours or really light pinks. It's been so long since I bought this I cant remember the price but I have the feeling it was around the £3 mark(which for a very poor student was a big plus).

 The biggest appeal of this product is that it dries. I hate the feeling of sticky or even glossy lips. This colours dries and stays on really well (unless you're drinking a lot then you will need it by your side for a top up). I chose the colour 'Fairy Cake 3' It's a bit brighter than the colours I would usually go for but I am trying to break that habit as I would like some nice colours for nights out. Oh and also this product smells amazing! it really does smell like cake! 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Golden Girl

Today I decided to treat myself to a copy of Cosmo. I always experience inner turmoil when it comes to buying a magazine that costs as much as Cosmo. But the fact that this months edition came with nail polish made it easy to decide!! the possible colours were pink, orange and yellow, so i searched for a magazine with the yellow polish. I have a few Missguided Nail polishes, all from previous editions of Cosmo and they are always good quality. I was disappointed when I saw that this polish was sparkly i was a bit disappointed as I do prefer matte colours...but after trying it out I decided I liked it. The colour is a lot more yellow in real life, it looks really gold in the picture :/

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Update #2

Seeing as the Sunday update is a new post I have been thinking of different ways to present it, So as all I have done this week is mope about the house with a cold I thought I would just include the pictures I have taken! Also I don't think my blog has been showing up on some peoples GFC list...if it has been showing up please let me know :) Hope everyone had a better week than I did!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

When you were young

 I have finally decided to show off my new earrings from Miss Selfridge! I can't remember how much they were exactly (£3-£4) but I do remember I thought it was a pretty good deal. I did also buy a double finger ring with a gold cross like these on it but I have no idea where it has gone (waaa!) hopefully I is somewhere hidden in the old floordrobe!! 

Anywhoozles! I must go and pick up my niece and nephew from school so enjoy my face with my lovely earrings!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Peppermint Stripes

This is my first attempt at any kind of nail art. If I paint my nails it’s normally just one colour, nothing special. But seeing as I have been ill for a few days and haven’t wanted to take any pictures I decided I would try something simple with my nails.

I have wanted some white nail polish for a while but still haven’t been into town to get any, so I found this white polish from an old manicure set. It worked pretty well but just in case, does anybody know of a good brand that does a nice white polish?

Button moon is one of my favourite Collection 2000 Hot Looks colours so I wear it a lot. I love the minty colour and I thought pairing it with the white would look nice. Reminds me of a pair of shorts I must get when I get some money (though there may be no point with the weather we are having here in England!).

Monday, 9 July 2012

Sunday Update #1

So if you have been with me for a while (first of all thankyou!) you will remember I used to post a ‘My week in pictures’ every Sunday...until my iphone broke(waaaa). As I’m trying to get back into my blogging routine I have decided to do a little Sunday update until I get my new iphone for my birthday in November (double waaaaaaa). So just a short one for this week J

The other day I decided to introduce Mr Muffins the hamster (also known as Moomin) to Harry the dog. Harry was terrified of the moving hamsterm ball and ran away, but as my mum kept telling him to ‘get it’ he got a bit too excited and I had to put poor Moo away in fear for her life. I also spent Saturday night curled up on the sofa with my duvet and my Harry. His little tongue pokes out when he sleeps! SO CUTE!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Rainy Day Dresses OOTD

While sorting out my clothes the other week this was a dress I found that I have never wore!  I think it was a ‘hand-me-down’ from one of my mum’s friends daughters, so I’m not sure where it was from, but its the kind of dress I would buy so I have no idea why it has been hanging in my wardrobe collecting dust over the past year.

Only thing is I am a funny size. Size 10 on the bottom always fits perfectly but in some shops a size 10 is to tight over my chest (Thanks again mum for the gift of big boobs) so as the dress was button up it won’t button past my waist. I didn’t mind though as it still looked nice with a black strap top underneath. I would have loved to be able to button it all the way to the top as it has a collar and I am inlove with shirts and blouses at the moment. The dress also came with a tie up belt but I didn’t quite like it, but now that I think of this a brown belt would have looked nice.

This would have been the perfect outfit to wear out and about on a warm day...sadly even though it was humid I was stuck inside because of the stupid rain! I really hope summer comes around before uni starts again in September so I can spend my holiday outside and not in front of the TV!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lazy Days OOTD

If you’re anything like me you have a number of clothes sitting in your wardrobe that you never wear yet never throw out because you might wear it ‘some day’. This summer I finally got round to deciding which clothes I would wear. I got this top as a gift ages ago and never wore it until today!

I love stripes and I love how the horizontal stripes on this top change to go vertically down your arms. I think what made me neglect to wear this top for so long was because of the baggy top and fitted bottom. I paired the top with some jeans as I thought it was a bit to short to wear leggings with. This will definitely go into the keep section of my wardrobe, I think it will come in handy for those lazy days or just when I got to Uni.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Birthday Outfit OOTD

I bought this dress from Missguided for my boyfriend’s Birthday night out. If you have read my blog before you will realise burgundy/red colour of the skirt was a big seller for me! I have wanted a dress like this for a while but thought it wouldn’t suit me. But when I needed a dress for my boyfriend’s birthday and couldn’t find one anywhere I finally went on the Missguided website and they had this dress in lots of different colours, so when I saw this one I fell inlove, and better yet, it was in the sale for £19.99!!!

I like the high wasted style of the dress as I sometimes feel a bit self-conscious that my belly is sticking out, but if it was, this dress hid it. But I advise that you don’t wear this on a night out in a really busy club when the day has been very hot! I did this and ended up feeling like I was in a cooker!!!

Just a short blog for today, but finally after many promises that I would start blogging again, I finally am. I moved out of my house in Derby and came home to mummy’s house for a month until I can move into my new house, and as I have no job I will have plenty of time to blog!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Summer Spending OOTD

I’m back!!(I hope) The plan was that when I finished my second year if uni I would be back to blogging, but it didn’t turn out that way. Three weeks later and all I have done is lay around and have fun, but now I am finally back with a little outfit post which I love!

For a while I have been going on about finding a plain black maxi dress. However my bank balance is very low as I still haven’t found a summer job, so I was ok that I had not found a dress. Last weekend I went home to visit mother dearest and I came across this dress in H&M. It is basically exactly what I was looking for. The material is soft, similar to what a normal top would be made out of. What I am trying to say it looks very casual. For only £12.99 I just couldn’t resist, in my eyes that is quite a bargain. I had planned from the start to pair my dress with a thin brown belt and brown sandals, which I did. I forgot to take a picture of the sandals but they are from Primark and only £5 (perfect for my bank balance).

I have always feared that a maxi dress would make me look short. I am only 5’5 and though I don’t feel short a lot of people say I am. Fortunately this dress did the exact opposite and makes my legs look very long. Wearing the belt quite high up helped with this. I also found that as the belt pulled the dress in slightly which was very flattering and made me look super skinny.

As soon as I bought the dress I text my house mate and told her of my naughty purchase and she replied “That’s ok because you have really wanted one,” that wasn’t a very good justification of my naughtiness for my mum but it was certainly enough for me!

Thank you for bearing with me while I have been being lazy! Has anybody else found any cheap summer buys?

Friday, 11 May 2012

playing vets

Back from the dead - Keith

My first experience of having to bury a hamster has scared me for life. My housemate Amber came home to find that poor Keith (a girl hamster) wasn’t moving. We poked and prodded her and there was no movement...Then came the hard part. The funeral.
We dug a hole in the back garden and while amber picked flowers I took poor Keith out of her bed and tried to wrap her up. It was completely heartbreaking. It was just like she was sleeping. Through teary eyes I decided I would turn her over and look at her little face.....then she came back to life.

She stretched out and wiggled about, but her little eyes wouldn’t open and it was scary to watch her move like that. It was time to play vets. I googled hamster hibernation and called the vets who told me for a vet to see her it would be £87. WHAT!!!! Luckily Amber then screamed that Keith’s eyes were open. We kept her wrapped up to keep her warm and tried to give her food and water. Eventually she started walking (a little wobbly but walking none the less!).

Now she is much more alert and walking about normally again in her clean cage. So I am physically scared for life as I almost buried an alive hamster, an in the future when I have to do this for my kids I will have to refuse and get somebody else to do it for me!

When I was trying to google what was wrong I got a lot of random answers that didn’t really help so hopefully this will: she was curled in a ball just like she was asleep. I wouldn’t say she was limp because when I moved her she stayed in her little guess is she had gotten cold and started to hibernate. I can safely say Amber will be treating Keith like a princess after this scare and I will be doing the same with Mr. Muffins (also a girl hamster).
Muffins was so worried about Keith - Lol JK she was escaping her own cage at the time

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Internet Killed Television

Yesterday was so amazing!!! We The Kings were awesome Simple plan were really good as well. I didnt really know what to expect from Simple Plan because I have never really been  fan but they were really good and had awesome stage presence.

After the show we lined up with everyone outside hoping to see our favourite Youtubers Charles and Alli Trippy (CTFxC/ Internet Killed Television). Both me and the boyfriend got pictures with them which was super cool and totally worth standing out in the cold for. My only problem with the night was that my curled hair had gone flat by the end and it just looked like a bush. And I left my lipstick at the hotel so once it faded a lot I had to rub the rest off (boo).

Now I'm back in Derby and it is time to start work straight away!! I cant wait to get it all done! Be patient with me and I'll be back to my blogging self soon

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Skipping Work for CTFxC!!!

Ahhhh! Once again it has appeared that I have abandoned my blogging duties. But as my second year at university comes to an end I have found myself buried under a mountain of work, and it's a pretty big mountain. Every time I have wanted to write a blog post I have had to tell myself "If you have time to write a blog, then you have time to do your work" and that is what I have been doing. Luckily deadlines are now very close (this could be a bad thing) and soon I will have no more work for the summer yaaaaay (except the summer job that I still have to look for).

Tomorrow I am having a day off of uni work and am of to Manchester with my boyfriend to see the band We The Kings. I can barely contain my excitement to go and see this amazing band and hopefully get to meet two of my favourite 'YouTubers.' So I will be rising and making an attempt of shining early in the morning to get ready and go! I think I will be 'vlogging' my day so hopefully I will be posting a new Youtube video when I get home. I should also get two new outfit posts out of this :) Though they may come a while later as I still have work to finish and a shorthand exam to revise for!! eeekk!

Thank you for being patient and not unsubscribing while I have been slowly digging my way out of my work filled mountain.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

So call me maybe! OOTD

Getting ready is all part of the fun when you are going on a night out. However, though I find taking my time to put on makeup and do my hair I HATE deciding what to wear. Everything I want to wear is almost always in the wash and I always end up stressed out.

Monday night however was completely different. I had an idea of what I was going to wear  and when I put it on I didn’t like it very much for a night out so I switched to my ever trusty black skirt. I bought this top from International when I was at home, it was 2 for £10 so I got this lovely colour and yellow. I am normally a size 10 but I found the top looked tight over my chest so ended up getting a 12. My black skirt is way too short but luckily with this top I was able to wear it just under the belly button and my bum stayed covered all night(at least I think so). I got the skirt from H&M over a year ago and it is very often my choice of skirt for a night out matched with a coloured top of some sort.

Monday night was very cold so I wore my knitted cardi from ARK. This is my favourite cardigan!!! I love how it’s oversized and of course burgundy. Super warm, super cosy and super cute.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week! As usual my week to do work has been wasted and now I am terrified because there is so much to be done! Ahh!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Colours! NOTD

Button Moon//Hoola Hoop//Lemon Soda//Teeny Bikini//Fruit Loop
Today I am in such an excitable mood, so I thought rather than just using one nail colour I would use five. All of the colours are from Collection 2000's 'Hot Looks' range. I couldnt help buy them as they seemed to be on special offer everywhere! I picked up two from Superdrug for £3 and 3 for £5 from Wilkinsons! I wanted to use Mint Mojo (featured here) but couldnt find it so used Fruit Loop (which is the colour on my pinky finger).

Sunday, 8 April 2012

My Week in Photos #7 (sort of)

So I didn’t take any photos this week and you can see why... My phone screen had been smashed for a few weeks but still worked and this week the touch decided to stop as well (boo!) I will be getting a replacement soon and hopefully I will be able to get my beloved iphone fixed when I save up a little money.

Honestly this week was quite eventful from Wednesday when I got back to Derby. Obviously being back in my parentless Uni house was the perfect opportunity to have a big night out and not worry about the noise we make because it is still the University holiday which means no early lectures for anyone! I won’t go into details because I don’t like to play the victim but we have had a falling out with our housemates (oops?). On the same night I found that the touch screen on my phone stopped working so was in a massive rage (being drunk didn’t help). Then just to top off the week I ended up getting ill, aching muscles, snotty nose, fever, and not being able to sleep put me in a very ‘woe is me’ kind of mood.

All this aside I had a great time at home with my family, and (minus the drama) Wednesday night was awesome and I am glad to be back with my friends! Now if only I could stop being so lazy and do some work that would be marvellous! (if I do get any work done then expect some outfit posts and vlog’s this week!)

p.s. I noticed I say ‘we’ a lot...I’m referring to myself and my housemate/friend.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Collection 2000 'HotLooks' in Mint Mojo NOTD

I originally planned to post this tomorrow but yesterday I went shopping yet again and bought three new ‘Hot Looks’ nail polishes! So I decided to try and put up nail posts more often so that I can start to try and do some nail art (trust me it won’t be pretty but I’ll give it a try).

I really wanted a mint green nail polish and as I’m all for cheap and cheerful I went for Collection 2000’s ‘Hot Looks’ nail polish in the colour ‘Mint Mojo’. I applied three coats on my nails to achieve this colour, and I do like it but I am a little disappointed, I was hoping it would be a bit brighter. My nephew said I had bogie fingers when he saw the lovely.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Strawberries and Cream OOTD

Last night I went to play Bingo with my mum and her friend, (I know – how young of me, but it really was fun.) I thought I may as well make an outfit post as I haven’t included my white shirt before.

My boyfriend bought me this white sleeveless shirt from Topshop for Christmas. I have got a lot of use out of it since I got it, tucked into shorts and skirts and over leggings. Last night when I was getting ready I thought It would look so cute with my new pastel pink jeans!! The pink made the shirt look all the more girly and delicate. I absolutely love how floaty the shirt is, and the longer back means no feeling self conscious when wearing it over leggings (constantly terrified of having a VPL and not realising it ha ha.) I have no idea how much the top was as it was for Christmas though I found a top on Topshop’s website that looks the same but pink and that was £30 (find it here.)

Just a short post today to show off my shirt and once again flaunt my new jeans as they have become my new babies.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Week in Pictures #6

It’s been my first week home from Uni in AGES!!! Sadly I can only stay for a week and a half and that week is nearly over!! The weather was beautiful and I spent a lot of time in the garden taking pictures of flowers with instagram(what a party animal!).

One of the best parts about being home is mummy’s cooking!!! Sadly I was too busy eating all of the delicious dinners she made me rather than taking pictures of them so I just ended up taking pictures of the incredibly unhealthy and fatty puddings I was eating!

 Being home and away from constant Uni work meant I could write more blogs than usual. I bought the MUA eyebrow pencil a few weeks ago and finally got around to reviewing it here. I got the chance to go shopping with a friend and got an outfit post (here) and a nail post (here) out of it as well as some really good conversation!

For my Alevel textiles two years ago I did a lot of knitting, when I came home and saw the needles I thought I would do some more. I looked like such a granny knitting away in my pyjamas! My sister was moving house this week so on Friday I went over to help paint my nephews room blue. I ended up taking my shoes off because I didn’t want to get paint on them and then stood in the paint giving me some interesting coloured feet!

I'm sad to be going home on Wednesday but looking forward to seeing my boyfriend and getting some work out of the way! Hope everyone had a fabulous week.