Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Week in Pictures #1

After getting my new camera two weeks ago I decided to start doing a My Week in Pictures post on Sundays so I could use my camera all of the time...I am aware that all of the following pictures that I have featured are using instagram, I discovered it this week and now am obsessed. I'm new to this and after looking over my pictures I found I didn't have a a lot of good ones so hopefully it will be better next week. (thought it's just for fun so it doesn't really matter)

Learning is fun!- Three hours of shorthand on a Monday almost killed me. Shorthand lectures are normally only two hours and the huge headache my flu gave me made it even less fun than normal. 

Shopping makes me happy!- After discovering that my camera cost less than i thought it would I realised I had a lot of Christmas money left over. This meant SHOPPING SPREE!!! So off I went to Primark and bought these super cute brogues that I have wanted for a while. Read my OOTD from Thursday where I included some of the stuff that I bought.
 Drunken Injuries are NO fun!- On Monday night while pretty drunk I slipped on my living room floor and smashed my mug, of course with my luck some of the glass went into the palm of my hand. I never got colourful plasters before so I thought they would cheer me up.(I was wrong, it still hurt.)

Video Production is scary-I took this in my video production lecture and I cant tell you how worried I am. Last term we did a radio production project and I got a really good grade, but this is so different I just hope I pull through it like last term!

Assignments stress me out!- I decided to be a good student and go to the library to get some books out for my Media Ethics assignment. Of course all useful books had already been taken out and I was stuck using Google Books. (hope I did okay)

Mr. Muffins is a fatty- My hamster Mr. Muffins (she's a girl) moves so much!! I tried getting pictures of her but the only time she would stay still was when she was stuffing her cheeks after I cleaned her house. Remind me at some point to tell the story where she escaped her cage and I lost her for a whole night and then she got back in her cage all by herself in the morning.

Hope everyone had a fabulous week. x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Clothes Make Me Happy! OOTD

So this week I FINALLY got a new camera with my Christmas money, and to my delight it turned out that I spent less on the camera than expected!! Obviously this meant it was time for me to treat myself to some new clothes.

I apologise for the horrible pictures but I haven’t found anywhere good to take pictures in my house yet.
beautiful pale ankles

Primark is always my first stop. Although for the majority of my second year at Uni I hadn’t found anything I liked in there. Luckily this year I have seen many a outfit I wanted from Primark and now was my chance to spend some money.

The trousers I bought were only £11.00 and I LOVE them. They came with a horrible pink sparkly belt(which I don’t understand, so I just took it off). They are a skinny fit and were a good size (I say this because normally for me Primark’s sizes are really weird but the size 10 fit great)  I did have to roll up the legs a little, maybe my legs are short but they still look good rolled up and they are so comfy!! I thought these were very good quality for Primark so £11 didn’t seem much at all as this style of trousers anywhere else would have probably cost double the price(If not more).

The top was from Newlook but i can't seem to find it on their website. I really wanted to find some blouses while I was in town but I liked none that they had in Primark, and Newlook didn’t seem to have any which I found very strange because usually I’m lusting after all of their blouses and never have any money to buy them. The top was £14.99 but with my student discount it was £13.49...not much I know but it feels good to get discount. I never usually get printed tops but this one caught my attention(still no idea why). I love the loose fit and thought it’s not as feminine as something I would normally get I love it and an see myself getting a lot of use out of this  summer paired with some shorts.

The shoes were also from Primark and I have wanted them since I first saw them(last year I think) but when last I had money to get them it was miserable weather and I didn’t want them to get ruined before I got good use out of them. I initially went to the shoe section of Primark to find a pair of boots that I have wanted since before Christmas, but of course now that I have the money to buy them the only pair they had were a size 3(boo! L). The shoes were £10 which I thought was well worth it and I love them so much I may go back and purchase the black pair.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Suggestions&Glittery Foundation

It has become clear to me that I am doing way too much blogging and not enough UNI WORK!!! Now I’ve only just started my blogging obsession and my only followers so far are people from my course, what I’m hoping for any of you passing readers to do is give me some suggestions of what you want to see me write about, this will be good for you because you get what you want and good for me because it will make my blog better. Thank you!!! x

As I will now be focussing on Uni work for a little while and will not get any blog posts out (unless I am naughty and abandon my work again) I thought I would just leave you with a side note for the brief review I did on Rimmel London’s Wake me up foundation, you can read my previous review here.
Whilst getting ready the other night I was looking very closely in the mirror for any imperfections I had missed when putting on the foundation, I then noticed my face was covered in glitter!!!! You couldn’t see it from a normal distance but when standing in the light and looking close at my face I was definitely VERY glittery. At this time all I had applied was the foundation so it was definitely that, perhaps using a powder over it in the future may help as I had not done that previously due to the amazing coverage it gives. Anybody else had this problem :/

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Maybelline Superstay 24hr DuelEnded Lip Colour Review

I don’t tend to wear colour on my lips and if I ever do it’s a very light pink. I don’t know what it is but I have never thought bright, dark or any kind of colour that stands out looks good on my lips. In the past I have wore red lipstick on a night out but when looking at pictures from those nights it makes me looked washed out and all the fullness from my lips evaporates and I end up with tiny lips. Because of this I never buy any colours I am not familiar with. Luckily for me my house mate is always buying new lipsticks and when we were getting ready for CARNAGE on Sunday night I borrowed one of hers.

Maybelline Superstay 24hr DuelEnded Lip Colour is in my opinion, an amazing product. The only problem with this review is I didn’t exactly use it properly. The product has two parts to it, the colour on one side and lip gloss on the friend had lost the lip gloss part and I had used the colour not even realising there was meant to be lip gloss with it!! Nevertheless the colour was amazing! And I think I preferred it without the gloss anyway as I don’t like my lips being sticky. The colour is called ‘Raspberry’ and it didn’t make me look washed out or take away any of the fullness from my lips!! It dried really quickly and stayed that way all night!! (That means no top ups!). My friend wore gloss with the colour that night and looking through the pictures of her it appears that the gloss stayed on all night too. I’m however not sure if the colour would stay on for 24 hours as I would never wear this colour in the day, but it defiantly stayed on all night and it was still there when I woke up in the morning.  My only issues with the product is that when I used a makeup wipe the colour didn’t come off completely, if I had to go somewhere the next day I wouldn’t have been happy with the way my lips looked. My other problem with the product is the price. It is £8.99 and being a very poor student there is no way I can afford this and if I’m honest there doesn’t appear to be a great amount of the lip colour in the pot....I guess I will add it to my wish list and hope my lovely boyfriend offers to buy it for me ;)

My camera is broke at the minute so rather than taking pictures especially for this review I have included pictures from the night I wore it out. The pictures show me and my friend who also wore the colour with the gloss so you can see how it looked with and without the gloss. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Hope you had someone special to spend it with!! Luckily I had someone special to be with this year, as usual I heard people going on about how Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday made to make you spend your money on cards and blah blah blah! But what’s wrong with a day dedicated to the person you love? There is a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and nobody moans about them....I don’t deny that if I was single I would be part of the crowd moaning about how pointless and stupid the day is :P

Something else I heard a lot of this year is boys moaning about how Valentine’s Day sucks because they have to spend their money on their girlfriend... as if they would get nothing in return. This was strange to me, though my boyfriend took be out to a restaurant I would have happily made a meal for us both. I also bought him a card and present, the day isn’t called Girlfriends day, it goes both ways, and if I may say so my Valentines was the best yet.

After coming home from my lovely dinner I now plan on not moving for a while as I am completely STUFFED (yum mac and cheese). Once I am done feeling like I’m about to explode, cuddling up watching a movie sounds awfully good.
Hope the rest of your day is awesome and even if you don’t have a valentine I hope you go out with friends and have some fun. x

Saturday, 11 February 2012

It's time to sort out my priorities...

I'm halfway through my second year at university studying journalism and yet I feel I am nowhere near being a journalist. Writing has always been my passion and fashion has always been the area I have wanted to write in. I have not posted a blog in so long and none of my previous blogs have been related to fashion in any way!! This week I got my grades back from the previous semester and I found I was pleased with them, yet not pleased enough. I thought I had done better and whereas before I was happy not to fail I want to do better.

After having troubling thoughts about my priorities I decided to start up my blog again. But this time I will write about stuff relevant to me. Reviews on makeup and styles I am into and clothes I have bought. Hopefully this will get my enthusiasm back for writing and will help me become what I have always wanted to be.

So to get things started I have decided to do a quick review on the makeup products that I have been using recently... J

When it comes to foundation I change my product a lot. I can never seem to find a foundation that works well with my skin. I feel after only an hour it’s not on my face anymore and I need to apply more. Recently I had been using Rimmel’s product ‘Renew&Lift’ until it ran out. After changing my foundation every time I run out I think I have found ‘the one’ I saw the advert for Rimmel’s new ‘Wake me up’ foundation and thought I might give it ago. The fact that is was £2off when I went to buy it helped significantly in my choice. I bought the ivory shade to stay safe and I am very happy with the buy. When squeezing the foundation onto my hand I was a bit worried as it is very thick, and I was scared my normal number of squirts would be too much and despite the pale colour I would look like an orange, I also noticed that it was a lot paler than the ‘Renew&Lift’ foundation though it was the same shade. Once applying the product my worry of an orange face was gone as it has wonderful coverage and is very smooth. The lack of sleep my student lifestyle allows me to have often gives me black rings under my eyes, but this foundation made me look alive!! Blemishes covered and face glowing I was ready to face the day with my new favourite foundation!

When Christmas comes around I find myself with a lot of presents containing gift sets of makeup, some I end up using throughout the year and some end up in a zipped up bag until I decide I will never use them and throw them away. This year I found myself with a good amount of makeup and two specific products I have used nonstop since Christmas.

I don’t tend to use many colours when it comes to eye shadow but I think I may become more adventurous throughout the year with this colour pallet from Accessorize. At the moment I have been using the black shade due to the loss of my usual black eye shadow and the creamy shade for the inside corners of my eyes to give me a wide eyed look. I understand that so far I am a letdown when it comes to being adventurous but I promise I will be using all of these colours in no time (apart from the pink maybe).

I have never really used bronzer, and I had never thought about using bronzer before coming to University and meeting my housemate who loves the stuff. For Christmas I got this small pot of bronzing powder, I can’t remember where it’s from but it says ‘Gold’ on the front of it. I can now safely say I am a lover of bronzer, I use it both in the day and when going out but it seems I am running out of this small pot fast and will have to find a product to fall in love with very soon.

I’m aware this was a very brief review but I have more to come, this is just the start of me getting my priorities straight.