Friday, 20 July 2012

Collection 2000 Cream Puff

I bought this lip cream ages ago from Collection2000 originally the appeal was the price. I'm always looking for lipsticks but I'm really fussy. I normally go for nude colours or really light pinks. It's been so long since I bought this I cant remember the price but I have the feeling it was around the £3 mark(which for a very poor student was a big plus).

 The biggest appeal of this product is that it dries. I hate the feeling of sticky or even glossy lips. This colours dries and stays on really well (unless you're drinking a lot then you will need it by your side for a top up). I chose the colour 'Fairy Cake 3' It's a bit brighter than the colours I would usually go for but I am trying to break that habit as I would like some nice colours for nights out. Oh and also this product smells amazing! it really does smell like cake! 

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