Thursday, 21 April 2011

Returning to my flat...I mean germ heaven!

I can feel another rant coming on.

When living at home, most of us have chores. We hoover up, wash the dishes, mow the lawn and when we move out of the house and into a flat with 5 other students we do our own dishes and occasionally take the bin out.

In my flat there is a list pinned to the wall. When we take the bin out we write our name and the date so not only one person is taking the bin out all the time. When it’s your turn, you take the bin, everyone is happy.

What a lovely surprise me and a fellow flatmate had when we came back from a weeks break at home to find a full bin bag sat in the middle of the kitchen. I wasn’t our rubbish, we hadn’t been there for a week. Two people had been in the flat while we were away and only one of their names was on the bin list. So its understandable that we were pretty miffed!

Almost a week later and the bin still sat there, now smelling like something had died in it. Enough is enough, this morning me and another flatmate decided to take the bin down.

First it fell over and flies started flying out, then bin juice spread across the floor, then more flies flew through the window to smell the horrendous odour filling the whole flat! After using plastic bags as gloves to pick the rubbish up and holding our breathe until we turned blue, we managed to put the full bin bag on a chair and carry it down the stairs between us. I have to say, the green goo on the floor just screamed that the bin had probably been there for almost two weeks!

After that I will NOT be taking the bin down for a while! Don’t be so selfish and clean up your own mess! I’m a rather lazy person myself but even I wouldn’t sit and let the bin turn into germ heaven and then let people who didn’t even make the rubbish take it down!

Thursday, 31 March 2011's been a while

So Fresher’s year is coming to an end and though I am sad that I only have a few weeks left with my new friends, but I’m trying to look at the positives. Some I have thought of are:
  1. Getting to see my family and all my friends from back home.
  2. Having time to just relax!
  3. Food in the kitchen cupboard! (cupboards are bare in my flat)
  4. And most of all, home cooked meals by mummy!!!!
True, after a while me and my mum will bicker about my messy room, and I will complain at having to do the dishes, but I have missed my very short, spirited mum! There is nobody to look after you at uni and tell you everythings going to be ok, so I can safely say there are positives to going home for a while.
This brings me to another topic...

Mother’s day is coming up this Sunday and I am positive I am being tested. You see I’ve never been good with remembering dates, and I’m even worse at putting a card in the post. I knew mother’s day was coming up because of the signs in shop windows, so I couldn’t help but notice my own mother’s silence on the subject. Not even my sister has said “remember to send mum a card” which I’m sure she normally would do as consequences for forgetting the event could be severe!

Wont she be impressed when she gets my card :D Of course I wish I could get her more but lack of money prevents me at the moment. I’m sure getting to see me in a week will be enough. :)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Life is too short

It is safe to say that the past few weeks have not been my best. I never knew finding a house for next year would be so much hassle and now I realise I need to force myself to get off the fence and say what I think. Don’t let people push you into something you’re not absolutely positive you want to do, open your mouth and speak up!!! 

I really have gotten into a bit of a hoohar and now it’s hard to decide what to do while sparing people’s feelings and money. Everyone I have spoke to has said it doesn’t matter, if you’re not happy then look for another house...but when you risk losing friends is it worth it?

So whilst my problem gets me down I have decided to focus my attention to 4oD where I found myself watching the pilot episode of a show called ‘The Big C’. The show revolves around Cathy, a woman having just discovered she has terminal cancer. After this bad news she decides to start living her life to the full and doing what she wants without sparing the feelings of others because life’s too short. Though this is a completely different situation I found myself thinking “life is too short why make myself unhappy for a year?” Hmm I’m in such a pickle!

Other than this program making me mope about my own problem it was very funny. I’ll be honest it could have grabbed my attention more but it was funny and the story line makes sure you just have to tune in next week to find out what happens. I suggest you do the same...