Sunday, 12 August 2012

Retail Therapy Wish List

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11. Leah Shiny Disco Pants – I am in love with these! I have wanted a pair of disco pants for a while. At only £18.99 I thought these were pretty cheap! My only problem is I have never been very daring and wearing these might make me feel a bit out of place. But every time I look at them I like them more and more and one day (when I have money) I will definitely buy them and get daring. I would love to pair them with my whiteTopShop sleeveless shirt on a night out or maybe even in the day!

22. Willet Oversized Peace Symbol Vest – I am a complete sucker for anything oversized and the peace sign has made many appearances in the shops lately and has found its way into my hearts desires. This top is a bit expensive for my budget but I’m positive that there will be many cheaper alternatives in many other shops.

33. Kerrie Studded Collar Vest Blouse – Once again my love for shirts has reared its ugly head. The problem is I love my shirts buttoned up to the top, but having large boobs means it drapes over them and makes me look chubby. I will have to try wearing my shirts slightly open because I’m not hopeful that my addiction will go away. I love the studs on this! My wardrobe is way too soft at the minute and needs more studs!!

  4. Mikea Melange Batwing Jumper – I have a top very similar to this in Burgundy, but the thought of my ‘go to’ casual top in the form of a jumper is heaven.

55. Darine Monochrome Striped Leggings – Now it’s not these particular leggings that I want but this vertical stripe has caught my eye over the past few months, some days I love it and want it and other days I’m not too sure. I would have no idea whether to get vertically striped leggings or trousers....either way I seem to like them enough to put them on my wish list.

66.  Lidea Heeled Chelsea Boots – Yum yum yum!!! I have wanted some Chelsea boots for a while but never thought about getting some with a heel. As soon as I saw these I fell inlove. Although looking at my budget I may have to stop being lazy and sift through ebay and find a nice cheap pair...or just go without (asif!)

77. Kerby Chain And Spiked Necklace – Back to adding some edge to my wardrobe. I have seen similar necklaces to this appearing on a lot of other blogs and I have decided I definitely need more jewellery and this is the jewellery I need.

I LOST MY CAMERA!!!! For once it has not just been my schedule that has made me a bad blogger. The other week I lost my camera which held loads of pictures for two separate outfit posts (*sob*) Luckily I have lovely family and have leant a camera. Until now I was too depressed about losing my beloved camera to blog about anything. But I am back!!! I have never done a wish list before but I found it was a good excuse to look at pretty things I cannot afford!!

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  1. Love your wish list! Very good taste! I adore the striped trousers and the tops. XxxX