Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Birthday Outfit OOTD

I bought this dress from Missguided for my boyfriend’s Birthday night out. If you have read my blog before you will realise burgundy/red colour of the skirt was a big seller for me! I have wanted a dress like this for a while but thought it wouldn’t suit me. But when I needed a dress for my boyfriend’s birthday and couldn’t find one anywhere I finally went on the Missguided website and they had this dress in lots of different colours, so when I saw this one I fell inlove, and better yet, it was in the sale for £19.99!!!

I like the high wasted style of the dress as I sometimes feel a bit self-conscious that my belly is sticking out, but if it was, this dress hid it. But I advise that you don’t wear this on a night out in a really busy club when the day has been very hot! I did this and ended up feeling like I was in a cooker!!!

Just a short blog for today, but finally after many promises that I would start blogging again, I finally am. I moved out of my house in Derby and came home to mummy’s house for a month until I can move into my new house, and as I have no job I will have plenty of time to blog!

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