Monday, 23 September 2013

Wednesday Wishlist - These Boots are made for Walking

Dark Red Patent Double Buckle Chunky Heeled Boots |  Dark Red Cut Out Triple Buckle Boots

Limited Black Chelsea Ankle Boot | Brown Aztec Cuff Lace Up Ankle Boots


ASOS ACRE Leather Ankle Boots ASOS AUTHOR Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots

It seems the weather has gone crazy! last week it was freezing and this week I'm finding myself leaving the house without a coat! never the less I've decided to continue with my winter theme and window shop for lots of beautiful boots.

To my surprise the majority of boots I want are on the Newlook website, proving you don't always have to go for the most expensive, and being on a tight budget this makes me rather happy.

I absolutely love owning masses of pairs of shoes and boots in burgundy and brown shades, so you can see a running theme in this wishlist! I'm not one to normally wear heels but I have recently found my love for heels that aren't going to make me break my ankle. (as beautiful as those shoes are)

I don't yet own a pair of shoes with cut out sides, but I love these ones and they are definitely the top of y purchase list. Chelsea boots are must have for me in winter, I got lots of use out of my ones last year (I lost them *sob*)

Let me know if you have seen any beautiful boots that will be in your wardrobe this autumn/winter.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday Wishlist : Winter is Coming

Ark Green Dolores Sherpa Parka | Removed from website

Removed from Website | ASOS Textured Skater Belted Mac ASOS Biker Coat In Jacquard Design

It's that time of year again!! The weather has gone from warm to arctic in a matter of weeks and with snow forecast as early as October it's time for us to don our winter coats. It's been fun having a summer of hot weather where many a summer dress has made an appearance but now it's time to cover up that flesh and do it in style!

I tend to keep it plain when buying a winter coat, and as I've been a student for the past three years, funds have been tight and I have had to make do with just one coat. So a simple green parka is what I was wearing last year, and THIS year ARK has so many that I want!! I love a bit of fur and a sheep skin lining so these two had my eye straight away. My favourite of the two is definitely the second (No, not because it's cheaper). I like a hood to hide away in on those rainy/snowy days, and I LOVE that this coat features a draw string waist so you can choose to have a loose fit or a synched in waist.

ASOS is always my 'go to' website when I'm looking for something new and of good quality so the next part of my search started and ended here when I found so many designs that I wanted! My first choice was the camel coloured duffel coat, a definite good choice for when you aren't dressed too casual and still need to be warm.

I've had a few mac's over the years and they have always been my first choice when I've been wearing a nice outfit but needed to cover up. I love this navy blue one from ASOS and at only £70.00 you can't go wrong.
My final choice was the biker coat with fluffy knitted colour. I've never gone for a coat with too much of a pattern design but I love this one, and the faux fur colour is a delightful bonus.

 There are so many little jackets that I wanted to include in this wish list, but I've tried to keep it to those garments that are going to help keep you warm while still looking fabulous. My green parka habit seems to have taken over my life, so when choosing so different jackets I was like a kid in a toy store (and then was super sad when I realised I still can't get any).

After all of that coat browsing I'm ready for winter and am honestly rather excited to get a bit of money so I can get myself some nice new coats to fit all of the appropriate occasions.

Have you found any nice coats or jackets for this winter?

Monday, 16 September 2013

Be Individual, Be Inspired

All Photography by Gabriel Sanchez

These are just some of the items of clothing available in Vividly's new line! Each statement piece of clothing conveys so much passion and individuality. Looking through this fantastic brand I have fallen inlove with many of these tops! Individuality is something I love in fashion, being able to express yourself and having people see an item of clothing they probably haven't seen before is a thrill and feels like an even greater pleasure to wear.

Vividly was founded by sisters Silvia and Sabrina Scandar and they have succeeded  in producing creative clothing that will allow us fashion lovers to express ourselves. I love the idea that these designs have been created by visual artists to promote self expression. there are over 100 printed silk tops and scarves and you can even create your own to really express your own individuality.

I'm a sucker for a dress and this Blue on Blue dress by Rosie Brown is a must have for me! everything from the liquid print to the fit of the dress on the model appeals to me. There is nothing like having a few good statement pieces in your wardrobe and this dress would be perfect to dress up or down on any day to really give fellow fashion lovers something to look at.

My favourite top from the collection has to be the City Top by Heather Mullin. I love the draping fit of all of these tops but the print on this one really appeals to my love for a good skyline print.

But most of all my heart beats for this amazing Floral Jacket by Vividly. There is something really different about this jacket that has me head over heels. Another item that could be worn for any kind of outfit whether you want to dress up, down or want to look damn right sophisticated!

These amazing new designs are available today and Vividly have given you lovely readers a discount code for an amazing 20% off. I have personally spent hours deciding which of these new designs and already available items to purchase so it can make frequent appearances in my daily life.

Make sure you run off to NOW to browse this beauty and use this cheeky discount code to make your day extra special: BBREADER2901

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Peter Pan collars and short skirts

I got this dress a few months ago from ebay, and despite it being a bit on the short side I love it. I love collars but can't wear high necks because of having bigger boobs, so this peter pan collar had me head over heels inlove. The fact that the dress isn't too smart or casual makes it perfect for dressing up or down, it made a lot of appearances when I went to lectures. After purchasing way too many dressed from ebay I have had to stop myself ordering for the sake of my bank account!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Maybelline Colour Sensation's 'Midnight Plum' & 'Rose Wood'

I bought these amazing lipsticks a while back and at £7 each I was a bit worried on whether I would get my moneys worth. I usually look for much cheaper makeup due to being a student, but hoping the quality would be good I took a leap of faith and wasn't disappointed!

I dont normally wear coloured lipstick as I'm quite pale and feel like it washes me out but Maybelline's Colour Sensation lipstick in shade 'Midnight Plum' often makes an appearance on my nights out. Normally I wear nude colours in the day time so I played it safe and bought 'Rose Wood' for my everyday look.

The lipsticks have good coverage and I don't find myself needing to top up very often. I definately got my moneys worth with these products and plan to be a bit more daring with my lip-shades and buy more colours from Colour Sensation.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Peter Pan collar summer dress OOTD

Link: Peter Pan collar pullover dress with cardigan

Lately I have gone MAD on Ebay and found a few cheap and pretty dresses that I couldn't resist. All of my recent buys have had Peter Pan collars, I love the cutesy look they add to your outfit.

The material on this dress is very thin and soft, perfect for a spring/summer wear (not that it's been very warm lately). The material is also quite shiny so I think it could easily be dressed up to wear on an evening out.

It comes with a beige cardigan which I probably won't wear with the dress as i'm not too keen on the ties (which I tied round the back on the picture) but considering you get the dress and cardigan for just £10.12 it's a pretty good deal!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Why do your friends love you?

The only Picture I could find of all 4 of us!
It's safe to say that in my final year of uni I have found myself feeling rather blue, and the same goes for my friends. Soon enough we will all be in the real world with full time jobs and facing the world without each other (well...without being housemates at least). Sometimes we can all do with a little pick me up and last week me and three of my housemates wrote down 10 things each to say what we loved about each other. So by the end of the task we all had 30 reasons why our friends love us - and I won't lie, it makes you feel pretty darn good about yourself.

More of a personal blog post today while I procrastinate rather than write my dissertation!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Plum Flushed - Maybelline Color Sensational

I'm really glad I tried this lip pen on a night out before writing a review! I have wanted a dark pink/purple lip colour for a while now. I prefer my lip colour to be matte so this one seemed like the right one. I chose 'Color Sensational' by Maybelline in shade 380-Plum Flushed.

My first problem was that I feel like I'm applying way more of the product to get the right colour than I should be, but once I got the colour right I really loved it. It's more pink than I had wanted but It still looked really nice (I didn't realise how dried out it made my lips look until I saw pictures.)

Even with a colour protector over the top I found that very quickly the colour would be almost all gone from my lips and I would constantly be re-applying. I ended up going over the colour with another lipstick my friend had half way through the night because I got so fed up with re-applying only for it to come off straight away.

If the colour stayed on longer and if it applied better, then  I would be very happy with the lip pen. It smells AMAZING (raspberry yum!) which though it isn't something I look for was nice nonetheless.  For £5.99 I don't think it was very worth it. (waaaa)

What lip pens have you tried that have been good?

Monday, 7 January 2013

Comfy New Year!

Herrooooo! and Happy New Year!!

Once again my new year resolution is to get this blog going! Last year I quit because I am a big baby and didn't keep on top of my uni work. But this year as it is my final year I am going to be a good girl, do all of my work and keep on top of this blog as I am sure the extra experience will come in handy when I face the real world in May when uni finishes waaa!

Anywhooooo!! The other day I went for a quick look around the sales and found NOTHING! but i did find this amazing over-sized jumper in ARK. They had in in this light pink or cream, and i instantly fell for the pink. This wasn't in the sale but I thought £19.99 was an amazing price as it's such a nice jumper. Also I find ARK can be very expensive with some of their clothes so this was a cheery cheap buy!

I am awful at taking pictures of myself and haven't quite found the best place in my new student house to do so yet. So bare with me!

What shop have you found amazing sale items in?!