Thursday, 22 August 2013

Peter Pan collars and short skirts

I got this dress a few months ago from ebay, and despite it being a bit on the short side I love it. I love collars but can't wear high necks because of having bigger boobs, so this peter pan collar had me head over heels inlove. The fact that the dress isn't too smart or casual makes it perfect for dressing up or down, it made a lot of appearances when I went to lectures. After purchasing way too many dressed from ebay I have had to stop myself ordering for the sake of my bank account!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Maybelline Colour Sensation's 'Midnight Plum' & 'Rose Wood'

I bought these amazing lipsticks a while back and at £7 each I was a bit worried on whether I would get my moneys worth. I usually look for much cheaper makeup due to being a student, but hoping the quality would be good I took a leap of faith and wasn't disappointed!

I dont normally wear coloured lipstick as I'm quite pale and feel like it washes me out but Maybelline's Colour Sensation lipstick in shade 'Midnight Plum' often makes an appearance on my nights out. Normally I wear nude colours in the day time so I played it safe and bought 'Rose Wood' for my everyday look.

The lipsticks have good coverage and I don't find myself needing to top up very often. I definately got my moneys worth with these products and plan to be a bit more daring with my lip-shades and buy more colours from Colour Sensation.