Friday, 11 May 2012

playing vets

Back from the dead - Keith

My first experience of having to bury a hamster has scared me for life. My housemate Amber came home to find that poor Keith (a girl hamster) wasn’t moving. We poked and prodded her and there was no movement...Then came the hard part. The funeral.
We dug a hole in the back garden and while amber picked flowers I took poor Keith out of her bed and tried to wrap her up. It was completely heartbreaking. It was just like she was sleeping. Through teary eyes I decided I would turn her over and look at her little face.....then she came back to life.

She stretched out and wiggled about, but her little eyes wouldn’t open and it was scary to watch her move like that. It was time to play vets. I googled hamster hibernation and called the vets who told me for a vet to see her it would be £87. WHAT!!!! Luckily Amber then screamed that Keith’s eyes were open. We kept her wrapped up to keep her warm and tried to give her food and water. Eventually she started walking (a little wobbly but walking none the less!).

Now she is much more alert and walking about normally again in her clean cage. So I am physically scared for life as I almost buried an alive hamster, an in the future when I have to do this for my kids I will have to refuse and get somebody else to do it for me!

When I was trying to google what was wrong I got a lot of random answers that didn’t really help so hopefully this will: she was curled in a ball just like she was asleep. I wouldn’t say she was limp because when I moved her she stayed in her little guess is she had gotten cold and started to hibernate. I can safely say Amber will be treating Keith like a princess after this scare and I will be doing the same with Mr. Muffins (also a girl hamster).
Muffins was so worried about Keith - Lol JK she was escaping her own cage at the time

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  1. Beautiful darling! What do u say about following each other? Kisses from Romania!