Thursday, 6 September 2012

Remington - Pearl Pro Styler

Over the years I have used a number of different tools to try and make my hair wavy, but have never been fully satisfied. I got the Remington Pearl Pro Styler from Boots about a month ago as it was on sale for only £15 down from £30.

My hair is quite thin, so I have always liked curling or making my hair wavy as it makes it look so much thicker. The product looks rather scary but its quite easy. It comes with a glove, which you definitely need so that you don’t burn yourself, though you still have to be careful as you can get burnt through the glove. To use it you weave your hair through the barrels in the shape of an eight (I tried to take a picture of this but it was too hard to do by myself). At first the waves are quite defined rather than soft, but running your fingers through your hair a few times sorts it out. I tested the product without hairspray first to see how long the waves would hold for as I find any kind of curl or wave drops out of my hair very quickly, but after about 4 hours the waves were still there, softer, but they still looked good.

Although I’m not too sure about the glove as I have still got burnt through it I don’t have any other problems with the product. I use it every time I go on a night out and am always happy with the results. It can be a bit fiddly at first until you get used to how to weave your hair but it’s easy enough. I read one review where someone found it easier not to use a mirror as it confused them, but I found it just fine. There are some good videos on YouTube on how to use the product as well.

As I am a very poor student I am always wary when it comes to buying new products that may not work well for me, but this was definitely £15 well spent.

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