Monday, 9 July 2012

Sunday Update #1

So if you have been with me for a while (first of all thankyou!) you will remember I used to post a ‘My week in pictures’ every Sunday...until my iphone broke(waaaa). As I’m trying to get back into my blogging routine I have decided to do a little Sunday update until I get my new iphone for my birthday in November (double waaaaaaa). So just a short one for this week J

The other day I decided to introduce Mr Muffins the hamster (also known as Moomin) to Harry the dog. Harry was terrified of the moving hamsterm ball and ran away, but as my mum kept telling him to ‘get it’ he got a bit too excited and I had to put poor Moo away in fear for her life. I also spent Saturday night curled up on the sofa with my duvet and my Harry. His little tongue pokes out when he sleeps! SO CUTE!

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