Thursday, 29 March 2012

Feeling Rather Girly!! OOTD

 Finally yesterday I was brave enough to buy a pastel colour pair of jeans!!! When I saw them on my shopping trip once again I spent a while debating the colour I would get. This time I finally made up my mind and chose pink as I do not have enough pink in my wardrobe and have no idea why! Plus with them being only £17 from ‘International’ I couldn't resist.

The top was also a new buy from International. I can’t remember the price(£16 maybe) though and am not sure where I put the receipt.  I love the vibrant colours on the butterflies! Got me ready to go out in the sun. (sadly the sun isn’t going to last so the weather man saysL)

My poor bank balance will be left alone for a while to recover before my student loan comes in!!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pastel Perfection

being arty while the weather is nice :P
Hooray more pastel colours! Today while catching up with a friend and sifting through the shops in town I decided that other than new clothes I was also allowed to buy some more nail polish!

This morning while reading some other beauty blogs I saw Marie Loves had wrote about the colour ‘Button Moon’ from Collection 2000’s ‘Hot Looks’ range, I decided that I would add this colour onto my list of things to get. Lucky for me, Superdrug has a 2for£3 on Collection 2000 ‘Hot Looks’ nail polish at the moment so after much debate I decided on ‘Button Moon’ and another colour which I will feature next Wednesday.

I have wanted a light blue nail polish for a long time but could never decide on a shade and the fact that I rarely wore nail polish always made me decide to spend my money on something I would get more use out of. So far my late New Year’s Resolution is going well. The last nail polish I wore was only a little bit chipped before I decided to change it. Although I did get really stressed with work and bit my nails, so I’ll have to have a smack on the wrist and try again with not being so disgusting.

Monday, 26 March 2012

MUA eyebrow pencil 'blonde'

For the past few weeks I’ve been using an eyebrow pencil. Before this the only time I had ever had my eyebrows drawn on was while acting as a chav in my friends film for Uni. Of course those eyebrows were very dark and large and looked completely out of place on my face! Though I did not suit those eyebrows it made me want to buy a lighter eyebrow pencil to see how it would look.

MUA seemed like the best brand to go for as it is super cheap and I didn’t know if I would like my new drawn on eyebrows. I bought the pencil in ’blonde’ as I didn’t want a dark colour. The colour makes my eyebrows slightly darker than they normally are and I must say I love it. My eyebrows naturally have a nice shape so using the pencil to define that shape a bit more looks good!! I will definitely keep wearing the pencil and buy another once it has run out.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Week In Pictures #5

Tuesday me and the other journalists went to an all you can eat restaurant. Chinese, Indian and Italian food almost killed me and I ended up feeling sick. But if you tasted the pudding you would know how worth feeling sick was.
I went in to town for some last minute shopping on Thursday before I went home for Easter. Finally I was in town when it was a lovely day and had an excuse to buy a milkshake!!! Mint chocolate is always my choice of milkshake!! So good!
Draw something is my new obsession!!! I drew this to my boyfriend and he got it!! Ha Ha so proud of my skills.
Finally no more Uni for three weeks, but sadly I still have a lot of work to do so I will probably only get 1 and a half weeks at home and then it’s back to Derby to film for my news report. So happy to see my doggy and give him lots of cuddles!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Love For Burgundy OOTD

The picture isn’t very good this week but oh well. I have been inlove with all burgundy coloured clothes since last Autumn started. This style dress was in almost every shop and I was determined to pick one up in this colour for a christening I went to. I was originally inlove with a dress almost identical to this in Ark but this one was a lot cheaper in another shop in Derby(don’t remember the name). The dress came with a plain brown belt but I couldn’t find it when I wore the dress to go out on Saturday so I found a plaited belt to wear. It’s very short so tights are essential as the one time I wore it out with no tight I’m sure everyone saw my pants!!
Even though it’s coming up to spring I can’t see myself wearing this colour any less as I really love it and have a lot of clothes that are burgundy.

So as I do every week I promised more blog posts, and once again I have ended up being very busy with Uni work and putting off my blog. Oh well, Easter holidays start when I go home on Saturday!! I’m hoping to get a few blogs done next week!(hopefully I will keep my promise.)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My Week in Pictures #4

Well it’s safe to say this week was rather uneventful until Saturday night. I know I took some pictures but can’t seem to find any of them (there wasn’t many anyway). The only picture I have is from Saturday night in an ambulance when my friend had a panic attack. Don’t worry she is fine now.

I have a blog planned for later today and another for this week. On Saturday I get to go home for the Easter holidays so I’m trying to get some things planned for while I am there J

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sparkles Make Everything Better!

Notice Mr. Muffins trying to get attention in the background

Now I’ve never been much of a nail polish kind of girl, true I have a large collection but its very rare that I ever use it and when I do decide to paint my nails it’s a complete bloodbath(especially when trying to paint my right hand). When my nail polish chips I rarely notice and when I do I don’t bother fixing it I leave the polish until it all chips off itself! Other than the nail polish I don’t take much care of my nails either, I am a serial nail biter(I know I’m disgusting). I never made a New year’s resolution but I have decided to make a very late one to try and treat my nails well. The fact that I have fallen inlove with the pastel shades for this spring have definitely helped make this decision.

Last week I treated myself to a few of MUA’s beautifully cheap products, among the products I bought was ‘U R FAB’ from their love hearts collection. After wearing it all week I decided to stick with this colour for afew more days, but I decided to add SEPHORA by O.P.I over the top. I bought this nail polish while I was in New York afew years ago and am glad it has not gone off because I really love it. I find with some sparkly nail polish that not enough glitter goes on with just one coat, but one coat over this really glammed up the colour.  

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ready For Spring! OOTD

As promised I am back on my game this week and writing blogs. I’ve been searching for blouses everywhere but apparently Derby just isn’t very good at the moment when it comes to me and finding nice new clothes. So I sifted through every website I could think of and found this blouse from Select.

When I saw the picture on the website I thought it was an off-white colour but when it got here it is nude. I love the blouse and the colour is lovely, I felt like I was dressed for spring when I wore it to uni. The material is really soft and floaty which added to my spring feeling. I especially love the gold tipped collar, I am loving gold at the moment and it adds a really nice touch to the blouse. I'm very please with my buy for only £14 :)

When I wore it I paired it with blue jeggings. Initially I thought I would wear it with normal black leggings but wearing it with jeggings gave it a more casual look. I will get plenty use out of the blouse either wearing it casually to uni or even when going out for a meal paired with leggings. 

Has anyone found any nice blouses for spring?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Week in Pictures #3

A very late My Week in Photos, hope you forgive me! :P

Sunshine helps hangovers- Tuesday was a very hungover day for me and the majority of my friends, when I finally managed to drag myself out of bed it made my hangover slightly better to see blue skies!

Brain food- I've only ever had French toast one other time in my life so it was weird when I found myself wanting some. I think my first attempt went quite well and was a good breakfast to start a day full of uni work.

Being a fatty- I normally like cooking  but with all of my assignments weighing me down my enthusiasm has gone out of the window so me and the boyfriend were complete fatties and ate so much fast food that I ended up feeling ill for the rest of the day. On the Brightside while I was in town I also bought lots of new make-up to try out and give me some inspiration for some blog posts this week.

Essay's Suck- My essay deadline for Photojournalism was hanging over my head all weekend!! With little interest in the subject I found it hard to make myself research it. Though in the end it turned out ok. Lets hope for a decent grade.

Sunday fun!- Sunday I decided to treat myself after working hard on my essay(though I had not yet finished it) drinks and some chips with some friends in the pub was a good way to cheer myself up!!

I'm so glad last week is over! Now that I don’t have any more deadlines for a while I am not as paniced so I hope to get some posts out this week. If anyone knows any local fashion designers or fashion students that can help me with my next photojournalism project I would appreciate the help(I talked more indepth about this earlier here.) Also my friend are on a film course and are making an amazing film called ‘Friend request’. Like their Facebook page follow them on Twitter and maybe even check out their proposal on Indiegogo to help with funding!! :D

Hope everyone had a fabulous week! x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Week in Pictures #2

Short attention span – So While in Monday morning shorthand me and James got distracted by the cheesy music on his ipod. Guessing which movies the songs he played were in was much more fun that practising a passage at 60wpm(bad priorities).

Food likes me again! – After spending Wednesday and Thursday in bed being ill and eating nothing I was glad to have a nice bacon and cheese baguette before my lecture on Friday. I hate when having a cold takes away my appetite! I like my food and there’s nothing worse than thinking of the foods you would have your mum cook you to make you feel better and then thought of the smell making you feel sick.

Back to sleeping all day and partying all night!- Friday night I decided I felt well enough to go to the pub for a few drinks. My cold had been reduced to just a stuffy nose by then and I decided that it wouldn’t stop me having fun. Of course a few drinks turned into a full blown night out and me spending all day Saturday in bed with hangover to punish me for my lack of priorities.

...Soooo an hour and twenty minutes into Monday and I have finally found the motivation to write my week in pictures blog(late). Forgive the lazy pictures this week as the majority of it was spent in bed surrounded by tissues and paracetamol. This week my aim is to find some motivation and get off of my bottom and do some work/write some blogs.

Hope everyone had a fabulous week. x

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Shopping Cures Flu?

I have no idea how much these leggings cost. I either want to say £7.00 or £11.00(more likely £7.00). I saw them in Primark after Christmas and wanted them ever since. When I went on my shopping spree the other week I decided to pick them up.

My problem with printed leggings is that I feel like I look like I’m wearing pyjamas!! I have a pair of grey leopard print leggings and every time I wear them I think it looks like I’m one of those weird people that go out in public wearing their pyjamas. Luckily I don’t think these look like that. I wore a Newlook top with them that was featured in another OOTD post which you can find here.

These leggings are very thick, and as we are coming into spring I felt a bit stupid buying them, but then I remembered that I live in England and sooner or later there will be a miserable day in spring/summer where I will have to wear warm clothes.

Sorry for the short post but as I’ve been ill all week and haven’t been able to look at my laptop because the light hurts my head. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday and I have only taken one picture to be featured in my week in photos because so far my week has consisted of tissues, paracetamol and bed. I took these pictures on Sunday to include in another post but then I got ill and I haven’t done a post in so long I thought I would just do a short one.