Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Week in Pictures #6

It’s been my first week home from Uni in AGES!!! Sadly I can only stay for a week and a half and that week is nearly over!! The weather was beautiful and I spent a lot of time in the garden taking pictures of flowers with instagram(what a party animal!).

One of the best parts about being home is mummy’s cooking!!! Sadly I was too busy eating all of the delicious dinners she made me rather than taking pictures of them so I just ended up taking pictures of the incredibly unhealthy and fatty puddings I was eating!

 Being home and away from constant Uni work meant I could write more blogs than usual. I bought the MUA eyebrow pencil a few weeks ago and finally got around to reviewing it here. I got the chance to go shopping with a friend and got an outfit post (here) and a nail post (here) out of it as well as some really good conversation!

For my Alevel textiles two years ago I did a lot of knitting, when I came home and saw the needles I thought I would do some more. I looked like such a granny knitting away in my pyjamas! My sister was moving house this week so on Friday I went over to help paint my nephews room blue. I ended up taking my shoes off because I didn’t want to get paint on them and then stood in the paint giving me some interesting coloured feet!

I'm sad to be going home on Wednesday but looking forward to seeing my boyfriend and getting some work out of the way! Hope everyone had a fabulous week.

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  1. Lovely colour paint! Haha I'm just like you with my knitting, except I sit with a blanket around me too! Wow those puddings look amazing! XxxX