Monday, 2 April 2012

Strawberries and Cream OOTD

Last night I went to play Bingo with my mum and her friend, (I know – how young of me, but it really was fun.) I thought I may as well make an outfit post as I haven’t included my white shirt before.

My boyfriend bought me this white sleeveless shirt from Topshop for Christmas. I have got a lot of use out of it since I got it, tucked into shorts and skirts and over leggings. Last night when I was getting ready I thought It would look so cute with my new pastel pink jeans!! The pink made the shirt look all the more girly and delicate. I absolutely love how floaty the shirt is, and the longer back means no feeling self conscious when wearing it over leggings (constantly terrified of having a VPL and not realising it ha ha.) I have no idea how much the top was as it was for Christmas though I found a top on Topshop’s website that looks the same but pink and that was £30 (find it here.)

Just a short post today to show off my shirt and once again flaunt my new jeans as they have become my new babies.


  1. Lovely outfit; love the colour of the jeans. I bet that shirts so versatile and easy to wear! hah, playing bingo sounds like fun! :') xo

  2. Those jeans are gorgeous! new follower,
    check out my blog & follow back please? :)

  3. Lovely jeans and that shirt is gorgeous! Your boyfriend has good taste! You can get no VPL leggings by the way, in M&S and Asda they are pretty cheap. XxxX

    1. oh my gosh I never knew that!! It may have to be my next investment! x

  4. Love the top