Thursday, 29 March 2012

Feeling Rather Girly!! OOTD

 Finally yesterday I was brave enough to buy a pastel colour pair of jeans!!! When I saw them on my shopping trip once again I spent a while debating the colour I would get. This time I finally made up my mind and chose pink as I do not have enough pink in my wardrobe and have no idea why! Plus with them being only £17 from ‘International’ I couldn't resist.

The top was also a new buy from International. I can’t remember the price(£16 maybe) though and am not sure where I put the receipt.  I love the vibrant colours on the butterflies! Got me ready to go out in the sun. (sadly the sun isn’t going to last so the weather man saysL)

My poor bank balance will be left alone for a while to recover before my student loan comes in!!


  1. You look great in the jeans, such a fab colours! The top is gorgeous too, great style! XxxX

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  3. cute outfit! love your nosering, makes me want mine done :) x