Monday, 26 March 2012

MUA eyebrow pencil 'blonde'

For the past few weeks I’ve been using an eyebrow pencil. Before this the only time I had ever had my eyebrows drawn on was while acting as a chav in my friends film for Uni. Of course those eyebrows were very dark and large and looked completely out of place on my face! Though I did not suit those eyebrows it made me want to buy a lighter eyebrow pencil to see how it would look.

MUA seemed like the best brand to go for as it is super cheap and I didn’t know if I would like my new drawn on eyebrows. I bought the pencil in ’blonde’ as I didn’t want a dark colour. The colour makes my eyebrows slightly darker than they normally are and I must say I love it. My eyebrows naturally have a nice shape so using the pencil to define that shape a bit more looks good!! I will definitely keep wearing the pencil and buy another once it has run out.


  1. So glad you've done this post because I'm looking for an eyebrow pencil! Will definitely be trying this out, thanks for the review! XxxX

    1. thank you for the lovely comment :) x

  2. i love wearing eyebrow pencil; you do have lovely shape eyebrows you lucky thing! :) Lovely post, i've never tried out the MUA stuff, but i've only heard good things about it :) xo

  3. I've just ordered this and came across your review! I can't wait for my MUA stuff to arrive :)! xo