Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Love For Burgundy OOTD

The picture isn’t very good this week but oh well. I have been inlove with all burgundy coloured clothes since last Autumn started. This style dress was in almost every shop and I was determined to pick one up in this colour for a christening I went to. I was originally inlove with a dress almost identical to this in Ark but this one was a lot cheaper in another shop in Derby(don’t remember the name). The dress came with a plain brown belt but I couldn’t find it when I wore the dress to go out on Saturday so I found a plaited belt to wear. It’s very short so tights are essential as the one time I wore it out with no tight I’m sure everyone saw my pants!!
Even though it’s coming up to spring I can’t see myself wearing this colour any less as I really love it and have a lot of clothes that are burgundy.

So as I do every week I promised more blog posts, and once again I have ended up being very busy with Uni work and putting off my blog. Oh well, Easter holidays start when I go home on Saturday!! I’m hoping to get a few blogs done next week!(hopefully I will keep my promise.)

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  1. Same! I adore burgundy at the moment! That dress is gorgeous and looks fab on you! XxxX