Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pastel Perfection

being arty while the weather is nice :P
Hooray more pastel colours! Today while catching up with a friend and sifting through the shops in town I decided that other than new clothes I was also allowed to buy some more nail polish!

This morning while reading some other beauty blogs I saw Marie Loves had wrote about the colour ‘Button Moon’ from Collection 2000’s ‘Hot Looks’ range, I decided that I would add this colour onto my list of things to get. Lucky for me, Superdrug has a 2for£3 on Collection 2000 ‘Hot Looks’ nail polish at the moment so after much debate I decided on ‘Button Moon’ and another colour which I will feature next Wednesday.

I have wanted a light blue nail polish for a long time but could never decide on a shade and the fact that I rarely wore nail polish always made me decide to spend my money on something I would get more use out of. So far my late New Year’s Resolution is going well. The last nail polish I wore was only a little bit chipped before I decided to change it. Although I did get really stressed with work and bit my nails, so I’ll have to have a smack on the wrist and try again with not being so disgusting.


  1. Such a gorgeous colour, it's beautiful! You can get stuff to put on your nails that stop your biting them, have a look in Boots for it. XxxX

  2. Thanks for the mention! Love this polish, such a gorgeous shade :)

    Marie x