Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sparkles Make Everything Better!

Notice Mr. Muffins trying to get attention in the background

Now I’ve never been much of a nail polish kind of girl, true I have a large collection but its very rare that I ever use it and when I do decide to paint my nails it’s a complete bloodbath(especially when trying to paint my right hand). When my nail polish chips I rarely notice and when I do I don’t bother fixing it I leave the polish until it all chips off itself! Other than the nail polish I don’t take much care of my nails either, I am a serial nail biter(I know I’m disgusting). I never made a New year’s resolution but I have decided to make a very late one to try and treat my nails well. The fact that I have fallen inlove with the pastel shades for this spring have definitely helped make this decision.

Last week I treated myself to a few of MUA’s beautifully cheap products, among the products I bought was ‘U R FAB’ from their love hearts collection. After wearing it all week I decided to stick with this colour for afew more days, but I decided to add SEPHORA by O.P.I over the top. I bought this nail polish while I was in New York afew years ago and am glad it has not gone off because I really love it. I find with some sparkly nail polish that not enough glitter goes on with just one coat, but one coat over this really glammed up the colour.  


  1. Wow I love the colour and the sparkle really does make it pop! Fabulous! XxxX

  2. I love the Mua nail colour!!

    I followed your blog, please follow mine back!