Monday, 16 September 2013

Be Individual, Be Inspired

All Photography by Gabriel Sanchez

These are just some of the items of clothing available in Vividly's new line! Each statement piece of clothing conveys so much passion and individuality. Looking through this fantastic brand I have fallen inlove with many of these tops! Individuality is something I love in fashion, being able to express yourself and having people see an item of clothing they probably haven't seen before is a thrill and feels like an even greater pleasure to wear.

Vividly was founded by sisters Silvia and Sabrina Scandar and they have succeeded  in producing creative clothing that will allow us fashion lovers to express ourselves. I love the idea that these designs have been created by visual artists to promote self expression. there are over 100 printed silk tops and scarves and you can even create your own to really express your own individuality.

I'm a sucker for a dress and this Blue on Blue dress by Rosie Brown is a must have for me! everything from the liquid print to the fit of the dress on the model appeals to me. There is nothing like having a few good statement pieces in your wardrobe and this dress would be perfect to dress up or down on any day to really give fellow fashion lovers something to look at.

My favourite top from the collection has to be the City Top by Heather Mullin. I love the draping fit of all of these tops but the print on this one really appeals to my love for a good skyline print.

But most of all my heart beats for this amazing Floral Jacket by Vividly. There is something really different about this jacket that has me head over heels. Another item that could be worn for any kind of outfit whether you want to dress up, down or want to look damn right sophisticated!

These amazing new designs are available today and Vividly have given you lovely readers a discount code for an amazing 20% off. I have personally spent hours deciding which of these new designs and already available items to purchase so it can make frequent appearances in my daily life.

Make sure you run off to NOW to browse this beauty and use this cheeky discount code to make your day extra special: BBREADER2901

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