Monday, 23 September 2013

Wednesday Wishlist - These Boots are made for Walking

Dark Red Patent Double Buckle Chunky Heeled Boots |  Dark Red Cut Out Triple Buckle Boots

Limited Black Chelsea Ankle Boot | Brown Aztec Cuff Lace Up Ankle Boots


ASOS ACRE Leather Ankle Boots ASOS AUTHOR Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots

It seems the weather has gone crazy! last week it was freezing and this week I'm finding myself leaving the house without a coat! never the less I've decided to continue with my winter theme and window shop for lots of beautiful boots.

To my surprise the majority of boots I want are on the Newlook website, proving you don't always have to go for the most expensive, and being on a tight budget this makes me rather happy.

I absolutely love owning masses of pairs of shoes and boots in burgundy and brown shades, so you can see a running theme in this wishlist! I'm not one to normally wear heels but I have recently found my love for heels that aren't going to make me break my ankle. (as beautiful as those shoes are)

I don't yet own a pair of shoes with cut out sides, but I love these ones and they are definitely the top of y purchase list. Chelsea boots are must have for me in winter, I got lots of use out of my ones last year (I lost them *sob*)

Let me know if you have seen any beautiful boots that will be in your wardrobe this autumn/winter.

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  1. The weather is so weird in this country, where I am it was hot last week and now pretty cold this week! I love all the boots, it's difficult to choose a favourite! XxxX