Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wednesday Wishlist : Winter is Coming

Ark Green Dolores Sherpa Parka | Removed from website

Removed from Website | ASOS Textured Skater Belted Mac ASOS Biker Coat In Jacquard Design

It's that time of year again!! The weather has gone from warm to arctic in a matter of weeks and with snow forecast as early as October it's time for us to don our winter coats. It's been fun having a summer of hot weather where many a summer dress has made an appearance but now it's time to cover up that flesh and do it in style!

I tend to keep it plain when buying a winter coat, and as I've been a student for the past three years, funds have been tight and I have had to make do with just one coat. So a simple green parka is what I was wearing last year, and THIS year ARK has so many that I want!! I love a bit of fur and a sheep skin lining so these two had my eye straight away. My favourite of the two is definitely the second (No, not because it's cheaper). I like a hood to hide away in on those rainy/snowy days, and I LOVE that this coat features a draw string waist so you can choose to have a loose fit or a synched in waist.

ASOS is always my 'go to' website when I'm looking for something new and of good quality so the next part of my search started and ended here when I found so many designs that I wanted! My first choice was the camel coloured duffel coat, a definite good choice for when you aren't dressed too casual and still need to be warm.

I've had a few mac's over the years and they have always been my first choice when I've been wearing a nice outfit but needed to cover up. I love this navy blue one from ASOS and at only £70.00 you can't go wrong.
My final choice was the biker coat with fluffy knitted colour. I've never gone for a coat with too much of a pattern design but I love this one, and the faux fur colour is a delightful bonus.

 There are so many little jackets that I wanted to include in this wish list, but I've tried to keep it to those garments that are going to help keep you warm while still looking fabulous. My green parka habit seems to have taken over my life, so when choosing so different jackets I was like a kid in a toy store (and then was super sad when I realised I still can't get any).

After all of that coat browsing I'm ready for winter and am honestly rather excited to get a bit of money so I can get myself some nice new coats to fit all of the appropriate occasions.

Have you found any nice coats or jackets for this winter?

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