Monday, 7 January 2013

Comfy New Year!

Herrooooo! and Happy New Year!!

Once again my new year resolution is to get this blog going! Last year I quit because I am a big baby and didn't keep on top of my uni work. But this year as it is my final year I am going to be a good girl, do all of my work and keep on top of this blog as I am sure the extra experience will come in handy when I face the real world in May when uni finishes waaa!

Anywhooooo!! The other day I went for a quick look around the sales and found NOTHING! but i did find this amazing over-sized jumper in ARK. They had in in this light pink or cream, and i instantly fell for the pink. This wasn't in the sale but I thought £19.99 was an amazing price as it's such a nice jumper. Also I find ARK can be very expensive with some of their clothes so this was a cheery cheap buy!

I am awful at taking pictures of myself and haven't quite found the best place in my new student house to do so yet. So bare with me!

What shop have you found amazing sale items in?!

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  1. Office have a great sale on! Love the jumper I have something similar too:) xx