Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Week in Pictures #1

After getting my new camera two weeks ago I decided to start doing a My Week in Pictures post on Sundays so I could use my camera all of the time...I am aware that all of the following pictures that I have featured are using instagram, I discovered it this week and now am obsessed. I'm new to this and after looking over my pictures I found I didn't have a a lot of good ones so hopefully it will be better next week. (thought it's just for fun so it doesn't really matter)

Learning is fun!- Three hours of shorthand on a Monday almost killed me. Shorthand lectures are normally only two hours and the huge headache my flu gave me made it even less fun than normal. 

Shopping makes me happy!- After discovering that my camera cost less than i thought it would I realised I had a lot of Christmas money left over. This meant SHOPPING SPREE!!! So off I went to Primark and bought these super cute brogues that I have wanted for a while. Read my OOTD from Thursday where I included some of the stuff that I bought.
 Drunken Injuries are NO fun!- On Monday night while pretty drunk I slipped on my living room floor and smashed my mug, of course with my luck some of the glass went into the palm of my hand. I never got colourful plasters before so I thought they would cheer me up.(I was wrong, it still hurt.)

Video Production is scary-I took this in my video production lecture and I cant tell you how worried I am. Last term we did a radio production project and I got a really good grade, but this is so different I just hope I pull through it like last term!

Assignments stress me out!- I decided to be a good student and go to the library to get some books out for my Media Ethics assignment. Of course all useful books had already been taken out and I was stuck using Google Books. (hope I did okay)

Mr. Muffins is a fatty- My hamster Mr. Muffins (she's a girl) moves so much!! I tried getting pictures of her but the only time she would stay still was when she was stuffing her cheeks after I cleaned her house. Remind me at some point to tell the story where she escaped her cage and I lost her for a whole night and then she got back in her cage all by herself in the morning.

Hope everyone had a fabulous week. x


  1. Feel your pain in relation to the shorthand! So so confusing, I swear I"m never gonna be able to get my head around it fully! Great post :) x

  2. Ouch I hope your hands feel better soon! Love your shoes! XxxX

  3. haha my hamster literally escaped last night. She was scratching at the bedroom door and woke me up! Opened the door and there she was, could not believe it!

    I finished Teeline last term thankfully! haha yaaay

    Hope you're well :)

    Marie x