Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Clothes Make Me Happy! OOTD

So this week I FINALLY got a new camera with my Christmas money, and to my delight it turned out that I spent less on the camera than expected!! Obviously this meant it was time for me to treat myself to some new clothes.

I apologise for the horrible pictures but I haven’t found anywhere good to take pictures in my house yet.
beautiful pale ankles

Primark is always my first stop. Although for the majority of my second year at Uni I hadn’t found anything I liked in there. Luckily this year I have seen many a outfit I wanted from Primark and now was my chance to spend some money.

The trousers I bought were only £11.00 and I LOVE them. They came with a horrible pink sparkly belt(which I don’t understand, so I just took it off). They are a skinny fit and were a good size (I say this because normally for me Primark’s sizes are really weird but the size 10 fit great)  I did have to roll up the legs a little, maybe my legs are short but they still look good rolled up and they are so comfy!! I thought these were very good quality for Primark so £11 didn’t seem much at all as this style of trousers anywhere else would have probably cost double the price(If not more).

The top was from Newlook but i can't seem to find it on their website. I really wanted to find some blouses while I was in town but I liked none that they had in Primark, and Newlook didn’t seem to have any which I found very strange because usually I’m lusting after all of their blouses and never have any money to buy them. The top was £14.99 but with my student discount it was £13.49...not much I know but it feels good to get discount. I never usually get printed tops but this one caught my attention(still no idea why). I love the loose fit and thought it’s not as feminine as something I would normally get I love it and an see myself getting a lot of use out of this  summer paired with some shorts.

The shoes were also from Primark and I have wanted them since I first saw them(last year I think) but when last I had money to get them it was miserable weather and I didn’t want them to get ruined before I got good use out of them. I initially went to the shoe section of Primark to find a pair of boots that I have wanted since before Christmas, but of course now that I have the money to buy them the only pair they had were a size 3(boo! L). The shoes were £10 which I thought was well worth it and I love them so much I may go back and purchase the black pair.


  1. Have fun with your Camera! Lovely outfit, you look gorgeous! XxxX

  2. Lovely outfit, the brogues are gorgeous! Can't believe they are from primark! xxx

  3. Loving your shoes! You look gorgeous. x