Saturday, 11 February 2012

It's time to sort out my priorities...

I'm halfway through my second year at university studying journalism and yet I feel I am nowhere near being a journalist. Writing has always been my passion and fashion has always been the area I have wanted to write in. I have not posted a blog in so long and none of my previous blogs have been related to fashion in any way!! This week I got my grades back from the previous semester and I found I was pleased with them, yet not pleased enough. I thought I had done better and whereas before I was happy not to fail I want to do better.

After having troubling thoughts about my priorities I decided to start up my blog again. But this time I will write about stuff relevant to me. Reviews on makeup and styles I am into and clothes I have bought. Hopefully this will get my enthusiasm back for writing and will help me become what I have always wanted to be.

So to get things started I have decided to do a quick review on the makeup products that I have been using recently... J

When it comes to foundation I change my product a lot. I can never seem to find a foundation that works well with my skin. I feel after only an hour it’s not on my face anymore and I need to apply more. Recently I had been using Rimmel’s product ‘Renew&Lift’ until it ran out. After changing my foundation every time I run out I think I have found ‘the one’ I saw the advert for Rimmel’s new ‘Wake me up’ foundation and thought I might give it ago. The fact that is was £2off when I went to buy it helped significantly in my choice. I bought the ivory shade to stay safe and I am very happy with the buy. When squeezing the foundation onto my hand I was a bit worried as it is very thick, and I was scared my normal number of squirts would be too much and despite the pale colour I would look like an orange, I also noticed that it was a lot paler than the ‘Renew&Lift’ foundation though it was the same shade. Once applying the product my worry of an orange face was gone as it has wonderful coverage and is very smooth. The lack of sleep my student lifestyle allows me to have often gives me black rings under my eyes, but this foundation made me look alive!! Blemishes covered and face glowing I was ready to face the day with my new favourite foundation!

When Christmas comes around I find myself with a lot of presents containing gift sets of makeup, some I end up using throughout the year and some end up in a zipped up bag until I decide I will never use them and throw them away. This year I found myself with a good amount of makeup and two specific products I have used nonstop since Christmas.

I don’t tend to use many colours when it comes to eye shadow but I think I may become more adventurous throughout the year with this colour pallet from Accessorize. At the moment I have been using the black shade due to the loss of my usual black eye shadow and the creamy shade for the inside corners of my eyes to give me a wide eyed look. I understand that so far I am a letdown when it comes to being adventurous but I promise I will be using all of these colours in no time (apart from the pink maybe).

I have never really used bronzer, and I had never thought about using bronzer before coming to University and meeting my housemate who loves the stuff. For Christmas I got this small pot of bronzing powder, I can’t remember where it’s from but it says ‘Gold’ on the front of it. I can now safely say I am a lover of bronzer, I use it both in the day and when going out but it seems I am running out of this small pot fast and will have to find a product to fall in love with very soon.

I’m aware this was a very brief review but I have more to come, this is just the start of me getting my priorities straight. 

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