Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Hope you had someone special to spend it with!! Luckily I had someone special to be with this year, as usual I heard people going on about how Valentine’s Day is just a commercial holiday made to make you spend your money on cards and blah blah blah! But what’s wrong with a day dedicated to the person you love? There is a Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and nobody moans about them....I don’t deny that if I was single I would be part of the crowd moaning about how pointless and stupid the day is :P

Something else I heard a lot of this year is boys moaning about how Valentine’s Day sucks because they have to spend their money on their girlfriend... as if they would get nothing in return. This was strange to me, though my boyfriend took be out to a restaurant I would have happily made a meal for us both. I also bought him a card and present, the day isn’t called Girlfriends day, it goes both ways, and if I may say so my Valentines was the best yet.

After coming home from my lovely dinner I now plan on not moving for a while as I am completely STUFFED (yum mac and cheese). Once I am done feeling like I’m about to explode, cuddling up watching a movie sounds awfully good.
Hope the rest of your day is awesome and even if you don’t have a valentine I hope you go out with friends and have some fun. x

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