Thursday, 31 March 2011's been a while

So Fresher’s year is coming to an end and though I am sad that I only have a few weeks left with my new friends, but I’m trying to look at the positives. Some I have thought of are:
  1. Getting to see my family and all my friends from back home.
  2. Having time to just relax!
  3. Food in the kitchen cupboard! (cupboards are bare in my flat)
  4. And most of all, home cooked meals by mummy!!!!
True, after a while me and my mum will bicker about my messy room, and I will complain at having to do the dishes, but I have missed my very short, spirited mum! There is nobody to look after you at uni and tell you everythings going to be ok, so I can safely say there are positives to going home for a while.
This brings me to another topic...

Mother’s day is coming up this Sunday and I am positive I am being tested. You see I’ve never been good with remembering dates, and I’m even worse at putting a card in the post. I knew mother’s day was coming up because of the signs in shop windows, so I couldn’t help but notice my own mother’s silence on the subject. Not even my sister has said “remember to send mum a card” which I’m sure she normally would do as consequences for forgetting the event could be severe!

Wont she be impressed when she gets my card :D Of course I wish I could get her more but lack of money prevents me at the moment. I’m sure getting to see me in a week will be enough. :)

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